Yoga for Personal Growth


Yoga has tremendous meditative “asanas” (posture in which a practitioner sits. In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali defines “asana” as “to be seated in a position that is firm, but relaxed); that can help you in many ways. Recently, with the growth and interest in yoga, individuals have look at the practice to help boost self confidence, self-esteem, lower stress, health and to even help meditate. There are even poses practice to help focus on certain goals, and areas.

For example, the confidence and skills learned in yoga can help an individual exceed in their professional life in presentations, client / professional communications and public type appearances. Self confidence gained from yoga reflects outwardly in these individuals and not only do the feel better, they are better mentally prepared to face situations where self confidence and self esteem comes into play. It is fundamentally better to develop these practices earlier and have in engrained in yourself, rather than used as a remedy where lessons are quickly forgotten.

Though self-confidence can come up not only in your professional life, but social and personal life as well, yoga has many benefits for your body and mind. When dealing with self confidence, you are actually confronting your own personal anxiety and depression, so yoga can have a significantly mental benefit for many.

Breathing exercises which benefits wellness and mental peace to asanas. Specifically the pacing and rhythms learned from practicing helps an individual ease their nerves, and helps encourage a more relaxed state which translates into a calmer and more confident feeling. Practitioners who learn to control even their breathing are more effective at communications, stress and potential nervous situations.

The Child’s Pose, which typically occurs at the beginning of a class and the Pigeon Pose, usually later in the class are both “safe” poses and are protected positions. In the quietness during either pose, the individual has an opportunity to allow the mind to relax and calm itself. Practitioners will utilize their knowledge in everyday life in stressful situations when they are able to calm themselves, restore their breathing and bring their self confidence back.

Yoga also slowly restores your self-esteem. Many of us have had days where nothing fits on properly; we don’t feel good or other irritation that challenges ourselves. In yoga, everyone learns to embrace who they are and to be comfortable in your own mind and body. It may not be exactly what we want or hoped for, but it is good enough and that in itself is enough as well.

When anyone starts practicing yoga every day, they will slowly start to feel the overall difference in their physical and mental health. Yoga gurus often state that yoga instills the kind of confidence that never withers away with time. This newly instilled confidence becomes a part of you and impacts your life in surprising and spectacular ways. We, at YogaandBirth, would love to know which asana has helped you transform you daily routine and share your story with others!


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