Setting Your Yoga Goals

sun salutation yoga

If you frequently feel stressed out due to needing today’s busy lifestyle, and having to juggle plenty of things, one of the better things to seek during your quiet times would be to take short break to study yoga. Within the past few years more and more people have actually considered yoga as a way to get a hold of peace and ease their mind, more so it has many positive health benefits such as lowering your stress levels, helping to shed off unwelcome pounds as well! Yoga studios and fitness centers have been appearing everywhere however for people who don’t have the means or even the short amount of time to travel to these places, they are able to simply practice yoga within the comforts of their own home.

It’s always best to practice on yourself each day when your mind is still without any work-related pressures, concerns and worries. Look for a clear location that you can correctly train, such as for instance your family room or even the back yard. One of the yoga moves that you should do at least one time each and every day to reach maximum results could be the sunlight salutation pose. This is a series of poses performed in sequence to create movement to create heat in the body and help warm you up for your routine.

It really is one of several simple yoga positions to learn and can allow you to achieve a far better balance. This doesn’t mean that you should entirely ignore advanced techniques. Rather, this can help augment your personal program. Additionally, with at least a couple of courses each month with a teacher, your form can be checked, as well as your alignment and poses.

When at the studio with others and/or a teacher, you’ll expand your knowledge and will be able to practice even more techniques that you might enhance your in-house routine. Remember though, to exercise proper respiration while you perform some positions!

So choose a nice peaceful location at your home, turn on some soothing music, roll out of the pad and attempt these poses!

  1. Stand erect with both feet on the floor. Bring your hands into prayer position at chest level while distributing your weight evenly. Exhale
  2. Raise both hands upwards and over with your palms facing upwards. Slowly stretch by reaching outwards. Inhale.
  3. Bring both hands to feet to perform a forward bend. Align your hands with your toes. If possible, keep your knees legs straight unless you have difficulty with this position. Exhale.
  4. Move your right foot outwards to the back into a lunge position. Keep both palms flat on the floor. Inhale.
  5. Now extend your left leg back while supporting your weight with your hands and toes. Your arms should be fully extended. Hold.
  6. Lower your body so that your legs, chest and chin are off the ground. Exhale.
  7. Lower your lower body to the ground and extend your arms full to slowly lift your upper body. Push your chest forward. Inhale.
  8. Bring your hips upwards while dropping your upper body. Keep both hands and feet firmly planted. Your arms and legs should straighten out. Exhale.
  9. Lung forward by bringing your right leg forward while keeping your left leg fully extended. Both hands should be firmly planted on the ground. Inhale.
  10. Straighten your body into a standing position then slowly bend your upper body towards your legs. Align your hands over your ankles. If possible, keep your knees legs straight unless you have difficulty with this position. Exhale.
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