Kundalini Yoga

Understanding Kundalini Yoga

As the human psyche meets various challenges and pressures in this era of technology, an epitome of wellness tool came to spark. Kundalini yoga is a potent viral of holistic wellness and is now trending among celebrities, affluent and everyday practitioners. This is where finite unites with infinity in an artistic, meditative way. Through regular practice, the yogic activity invokes awareness of one self as immeasurable benefits are gradually felt physically, mentally and emotionally. From a weakened body for quick energy flow to an anxious mind enabling the release of fear and guilt. Kundalini yoga clears the subconscious mind of ill thoughts and negative vibes, thus, considered  a life force that relaxes the human body to stay grounded,  in order to gain back the lost vitality and attention span.  This yoga practice reconnects the minds to a much deeper clarity perceived even way beyond the realms.


In Kundalini yoga, the name Kundalini was adapted from a Sanksrit adjective meaning “circular”, and in the 12th century was used as a noun to describe a snake as in “coiled” form.  Sooner and until present time, the name evolved in the yoga practice signifying a female serpent “shakti” that is asleep on a vase.

Tracing back 1,000 years B.C. a Vedic writing collections known as Upanishads revealed kundalini’s philosophy about spiritual energy otherwise revealed as the force of life. The ancient practice of Kundalini yoga was propagated rooting out from Hinduism’s classical literature, Kashmir Shaivism. Manifestations derived from the studies can be categorized as: para-kundalini -universal energy; prana-kundalini – body and soul energy; shakti-kundalini – (the mediator of the two) consciousness.


The yoga technique was based on “tantra” to unite humanity from divine. Tantra is a Sanskrit word that means “woven together”, a metaphoric phrase that insinuates the union of a man to a woman. Kundalini yoga is a body science itself that consists of “kriyas” which signifies action or can also be related to another term called “asanas” in the usual yogic practice. Kundalini yoga is an art in its form, tantric in various aspects evident in its acts. It was at first discreetly taught by a guru to the students wearing shrouds in a sacred surrounding, until such time they can come out in the open as a renewed spirit, spreading the goodness attributed in the long time experience. Taking into account that Kundalini Yoga is the paragon of most yogic disciplines, it propagates and sustains the Kundalini Shakti itself. The practice awakens the soul, the heart and the spirit in a gracious manner.

This traditional practice unleashes the primeval potential that nestles on the base of the human spine. It awakens our hibernating spirits that is compared to a female serpent coiled in a pot. Series of rituals arouse the sleeping snake, and these ritual-like acts are now the main core of Kundalini yoga. The growth process is when one’s human nature is unfolded to be able to accept and realize the things of the past. It enables us to explore the inner self more. Past circumstances gravely affect human’s life and these can form a blockade to cope with the present and to move on with the future. Practicing Kundalini yoga eliminates the fear created by our expanded self that is caused about by the past. Metaphorically speaking, life is compared to a coiled snake shedding old skin and leaving them behind.


As we prepare for true change rediscovering ourselves through inner evolution, Kundalini yoga serves as a catalyst that works surprisingly instant towards outer transformation and maturation. Kundalini yoga is not about mere stretching and strenuous-looking positions it is a blend of body movements coincided with discipline and vast concentration.

Each session of Kundalini yoga starts with repeated deep inhales to slowly exhaling alternately from the left nostril to the right nostril. This simple breathing technique is taught to oxygenate the inner self, thus cleansing the “nadis“, which is known to be the pathways and subtle channels to draw energy.

Warming up consists of plain stretching followed by series of “kriya” (known as spiritual path). It is a creative progression of multi-dimensional exercises that concentrate per body part starting from the navel to the spine applying pressures to body points and meridians stimulating the nervous system. Specific “Bandhas” (body lock) control the flow of energy as the exercise necessitates adding more pressures to certain areas, so that when release, causes energy to flood even more. This is executed from the lower centers of the human body to a much higher center where energy flows, thus kundalini rising. Bandhas positions consist of contraction of the perineum, pelvic floor muscles, abdomen to the rib cage and so forth. It also includes tucking the chin closer to the chest or combination of these all. The end benefit of the whole process of Kundalini yoga is to create sense of will power to block negative elements in order to set a calm mood, thus liberating one self.

The next phase of Kundalini yoga exercise is to lie on your back after the series of kriya so as to set a relaxing mood. Yoga cannot be without meditation in concert with chanting of lines inviting positive vibes and utter calm. As you get revitalized in each session you gradually feel the progress each passing day. Your outlook in life is beginning to change as you absorb the good vibes drawn from the practice. Although it takes time to master the hard positions, modification of some exercises will suit each type of person. Mastery is attained through constant practice.

Kundalini yoga transforms a better you, to be more expansive while gaining flexibility and strength. When properly adapted, becomes a mood booster even a detoxifier. It aids in relaxation and developing keen senses and greater focus. Getting involved in a yoga class is a health investment although the Fitness and Wellness industry offers an array of books and instructional video materials. Do not let your life just pass by for there’s more to it if you love yourself. Discover your true self with the help of a guru as he assists you unfolding your inner self the Kundalini yoga way. It is an enhancing life-aspiring scheme of breathing techniques and various yogic acts. It disciplines and empowers to regain motivation, to self-heal and in the course of time to transform and grow in prosperity. It is comparable to a metamorphosis completely renewing your being shining to perfection.

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