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YogaandBirth.com (or YaB) looks to explore the fundamental ways that yoga transforms how we approach each day, how we reflect upon ourselves and each other and that through continuous practice of yoga, we are reborn.

I was first looking to create just a typical blog about becoming a mom, and how after my pregnancy, I tried numerous things to get back into shape and to also deal with postpartum depression; something I heard about, thought I knew, but found out I was totally unprepared for…

Fast forward many weeks and I am back at the studio, taking yoga, pilates, you name it. Little by little I was transforming both, physically but mentally and emotionally as well – all for the better. I was born into a new spiritual awareness.

Though I was not a stranger to yoga, I wasn’t as serious as I could have been. I skipped classes a lot. Didn’t meet goals. Fell repeatedly back into old habits. Bad ones as that.

With my new found confidence, strength and knowledge, along with the help of many others, I decided to create this site to help spread knowledge and awareness to many others – whether new or yogi and everyone in between! I wanted a place for others from all over the world to share their stories, thoughts and experience so that we can further our own experience. And because you are here reading this, thank you stopping by and being a part of it as well!